Gundam fans around the world, rejoice! This is because Hobby Japan is releasing the first-ever English translated GunPla modeling book via Amazon Kindle. This will be a digital-only GunPla modeling guide, and it will be the first one ever to have an English translation.

This new modeling guide will not just teach people the basics of GunPla building, such as the proper way to cut parts off of runners, inserting polycaps, and cleaning up nubs, but also dealing with common mistakes when building GunPla and disassembling parts you made a mistake with. It also tackles advanced techniques, such as finishing , modding, gloss adjustment, and weathering. It even has a troubleshooting guide and painting tips, as well as a guide to building vintage GunPla from way back in the 1980’s.

The book’s author, Kenichi Nomura, is a well known GunPla modeler. Hobby Japan magazine has frequently featured him in various hobby modeling tutorials. The book translates many of his tips in building GunPla. As for the book itself, Amazon is now selling it for US$14.23.

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source: Hobby Japan English


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