Well, it looks like the Stand By Me Doraemon sequel movie will just be as emotional as the last one. And now, the anime’s staff have released a brand new trailer for the movie. It features the movie’s theme song, “Niji,” as well as a look at Nobita’s timeline, including his wedding with Shizuka in the future!

This time travelling Doraemon movie will follow the gang as they visit Nobita’s timeline, as he visits his grandmother in the past. She wishes to see his wedding day, and this leads to several complications in the timeline, which may mean that future Nobita might miss his own wedding!

Takashi Yamazaki, who directed the first movie back in 2014, returns at the helm of the project as its co-director, alongside Ryuuichi Yagi. This will be the second full 3DCG movie in the Doraemon franchise, and it will premiere in Japan on November 20, 2020.

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