While the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled AnimeJapan 2020, the biggest anime event in Japan is still pushing through for 2021. And much like last year, they’re also asking fans which manga do they want to see an anime adaptation of. The voting is right over the event’s official website, though the voting page is in Japanese. Fans can vote only until November 30, 2020.

For the manga eligible for the poll, it can be any manga series with no prior anime adaptation, even if they’re not yet published in tankoubon format, as long as they are serialized. Unfortunately, One-Shot manga are not eligible to enter.

Last year, fans voted for Makoto Morishita’s Im: Great Priest Imhotep as the manga they want to see an anime adaptation of the most. Also, last year’s poll gathered around 190,000 votes from fans all over the world.

As for 2021’s event itself, it will happen from March 27-30, 2021. It will be an online event, but will also have a physical event as well.

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source: AnimeJapan official website


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