Haruhi is back! The energetic goddess received her first light novel volume in nine and a half years, with creator and author Nagaru Tanigawa and illustrator Noizi Ito working on that said volume. And it seems that things are going a bit too well for the light novel’s return. This is because the franchise’s Twitter Page has announced that they have ordered an “emergency reprint” for the comeback volume.

.They released the novel on November 25, while the reprint order came on November 27. This means that  the order just came two days after the volume’s release. Unfortunately, the Tweet also stated that the reprinted version will not have the reversible cover, just like the first print edition.  They suggested that those fans who want the reversible cover should buy the few remaining first print editions instead.

The new volume’s title is The Intuition of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Chokkan). Previously, Yen Press announced that they are releasing an English-translated version of the light novel. This new novel features three stories, and will have more than 250 pages. One of these stories will be a new story titled “Tsuruya’s Challenge”. The other two stories are the “Nana Fushigi Overtime” (Seven Wonders Overtime) short story, as well as the “Atezuppo Numbers” (Guesswork Numbers) short story.

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source: Haruhi Suzumiya official Twitter Page


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