After over a year, the Kyoto Animation arsonist, Shinji Aoba, may finally stand in trial. Japanese prosecutors have confirmed to Japanese media that they are now planning to indict the arsonist by next week. They plan to indict him by December 16, 2020.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, the Kyoto District Public Prosecutors Office will make a final decision afrter consulting with the high public prosecutors office.

Aoba was an entrant to various KyoAni contests, and he blamed the studio for stealing his story. He would send them threats until he finally made good on his promise last year. He brought two containers of flammable liquid to Studio 1 and lit it up. He would tell investigators that he has a grudge against the studio, and that was why he burned down Studio 1. The fire killed 35 people, including many legendary anime figures like Amagi Brilliant Park director Yasuhiro Takemoto and Sound! Euphonium character designer Shouko Ikeda.

Police finally arrested Aoba last May after extensive treatments, as he also suffered severe burns during his arson attack. However, when police told him that he killed 36 people and hospitalized 33 others in the act, the suspect seems to not feel any remorse at all. When presented with the number, he merely stated “Oh, is that so?”  (“Sou nan desu ka?”). Aoba remained unaware of how many people he killed during his treatment, as he also suffered 3rd degree burns during the ordeal. He admitted that he really thought only two people died in his act. But with Aoba admitting that he wanted to kill as many people as possible, as well as not feeling any remorse towards his actions, the suspected arsonist might get some heavy punishments from the law.

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Source: Asahi Shimbun


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