During The Game Awards 2020, Capcom revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise game for the Nintendo Switch. It teases new monsters, the wirebug function, and many more. They also announced that a demo for the game will be coming in January 2021.

It seems that hunters will be a lot more mobile in the game thanks to the Wirebug feature. It allows several new movement actions, including the Wiredash, the Wall Run, the Wirefall, and the new Silkbind attack. The video also introduces several new monsters, such as the Somnacanth, the Bishaten, the Royal Ludroth, and the Great Wroggi. It also teases other aspects of the game, such as new locations like the Flooded Forest and endemic life like the Spirebird and the Stinkmink. There will also be a new catastrophic event known as The Rampage, where countless monsters attack the village all at once.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch Nintendo Switch on 26 March 2021.

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source: Press Release


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