After Studio Khara imposed a few guidelines for fans wanting to make Evangelion fanart, the studio was suddenly bombarded with questions and comments regarding those guidelines. Understandably, many were upset with them, while there were others who were confused. The studio has released a new statement regarding the guidelines, and it stated that they were not intended to “censor” or “prohibit” fan activities. Here’s what the statement has to say:

Regarding the guidelines for Evangelion fan creations that were announced the other day, we feel the need to add some clarification because a part of it was taken out of context, distorting the intent.

Firstly, the guidelines were not created to “censor” or “prohibit” the the contents encompassed by fan activities. We believe that fan activities sprout from positive feelings and a desire to support the work, and we have been supported by fans for a long time. In the past, we have never once asked an existing fan activity to censor or desist. Our stance and way of thinking will not change.

We released the guidelines because we thought that it was necessary to create basic principles so that all fans can enjoy their activities with peace of mind. We left vague wording in some parts to give fans as much leeway as possible to freely pursue their activities. It might be a little difficult, but we ask that each person reads the original document for themselves, and after thinking about the contents carefully, to take responsibility for themselves and continue their activities.

We have received numerous queries, but as a rule we cannot provide personalized responses regarding the practical application of the guidelines.

It is our utmost wish that fans in the community do not restrict each other’s works.

Several fan artists, including more prominent ones, as well as well known doujinshi circles, have declared they won’t be drawing Evangelion characters anymore following the release of these guidelines. You can check them out here:

As for selling fanart, Khara is still evaluating even more guidelines for that. Currently, they are asking the public to comment on the matter, and asked everyone to wait a bit further for these additional guidelines.

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Source: Khara official Twitter Page via ANN


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