A talking Rimuru replica prop from Bandai?! Yes folks, Bandai’s PROPLICA brand is releasing a replica prop of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’s titular slime, Rimuru Tempest. And yes, it’s quite soft and it also talks! They will release it via P-Bandai and pre-orders are now open.

The replica prop comes with over 100 voices and has two modes. The first mode is the Rimuru Mode which features Rimuru reacting to you pressing it. The second is the Great Sage mode, which features dialogues between Rimuru and the Great Sage. The replica prop costs 4,950 yen and they will ship it out on June 2021.

Unfortunately, this is just a replica and won’t transform, consume enemies, or do all that overpowered stuff Rimuru usually does. But rest assured that you’d hear a ton of the lovable slime’s antics with this soft replica prop.

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source: Premium Bandai


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