It looks like there’s trouble brewing for Future Card Buddyfight Creator Yoshimasa Ikeda. His former company, Bushiroad, the company behind Future Card Buddyfight, as well as Cardfight Vanguard and BanG Dream!, is suing him for copyright infringement and damaging the company’s credibility. They’re also suing him and his company Studio Ikecchi for releasing information about Buddyfight.

According to the announcement via the Bushiroad official website, their contract with Ikeda states that he agreed to withhold confidential information and not release information about his work on the card game. The announcement stated that Ikeda broke that agreement twice already, and he had to apologize for these. Unfortunately, Bushiroad stated that Ikeda would break the agreement even more through through text posts and videos. He also used images from Future Card Buddyfight without the company’s consent. Even if Ikeda made Buddyfight, Bushiroad owns the rights to it so he cannot use images from the franchise for his own gain. The company also stated that he damaged their credibility via other services, including Discord. Discussing his actions outside the company doesn’t seem to work anymore, so they decided to sue Ikeda and his studio already.

The game launched back in 2014. Unfortunately, the game has ended product development and releases, and tournaments, customer support, and other services will end on June 30, 2021.

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Source: Bushiroad


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