Gintama has been doing the very Gintama thing of using another anime’s popularity for its own gain. Specifically, it has been luring Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba fans to watch Gintama: The Final by releasing free Demon Slayer artwork. These artworks feature special illustrations of Tanjirou and the Hashira by Gintama mangaka Hideaki Sorachi. They also released a poster as well.

In what is the most Gintama way of promoting the Final movie, the poster sports the Demon Slayer logo. Unfortunately, the tagline states that it’s the final battle for the Hashira (Samurai), though many in the poster will not be involved in it. Just Gintama being Gintama.

But now, Gintama The Final has ended Mugen Train’s historic 12-week run at the top of the Japanese box office. The movie  sold 384,220 tickets for 531,350,320 yen in its first four days, and it was enough to dethrone Demons Slayer. To celebrate, Sorachi himself also released an illustration of the three main Shinsengumi members. The illustration will serve as a giveaway for moviegoers for the second week as well.

However, Demon Slayer is still going strong in the Japanese box office at #2. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon Eternal’s first movie makes its debut as well, but only at #9. I guess they should have also exploited Demon Slayer’s popularity too, huh? Maybe some Demon Slayer fans got confused and watched Gintama instead? Just kidding.

As for the movie itself, it premiered in Japanese theaters last January 8, 2021. Meanwhile, fans still don’t believe this will be the “final” Gintama anime due to the franchise’s history of trolling fans..

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