Gintama just being Gintama. After teasing Gintama mangaka Hideaki Sorachi’s Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba artwork for the upcoming Gintama: The Final movie, the gag anime has now released the full artwork. It features Tanjirou Kamado surrounded by all nine hashira. The illustration will be released as a poster for the Gintama: The Final movie.

In what is the most Gintama way of promoting the Final movie, the poster sports the Demon Slayer logo. Unfortunately, the tagline states that it’s the final battle for the Hashira (Samurai), though many in the poster will not be involved in it. Just Gintama being Gintama.

The illustration will just be one of the two posters that will be displayed during the fourth week of screenings for Gintama: The Final. The other features the Yoruzuya trio in a rush to get somewhere… having just woken up. Sorachi also drew the image himself.  Selected Japanese theatres will also release the illustrations as cards to distribute during the movie’s screenings. These cards will also feature written messages from the movie’s staff as well.

As for the movie itself, it premiered in Japanese theaters last January 8, 2021. Meanwhile, fans still don’t believe this will be the “final” Gintama anime due to the franchise’s history of trolling fans..

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