Crypton Future Media has done a ton of things for Sapporo. The company behind Vocaloid characters like Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, and more has certainly been a fixture in the city, with their annual participation in Sapporo’s Snow Festival, as well as being a pilgrimage ground for all Hatsune Miku fans around the world. And now, it seems that a small local airport named Okadama Airport might possibly change its name to Hatsune Miku Airport.

The name “Hatsune Miku Airport” came up as one of the possible new names for it. Other possible names also include the Sapporo Airport and the Sapporo Clock Tower Airport. A Sapporo city representative mentioned that they were consulting with the Hokkaido Prefectural Government for what the airport’s final name will be. Right now, the Okadama Airport serves only small aircraft, unlike the city’s main airport, which is the New Chitose Airport.

Right now, these are still plans to rename the airport after Miku, and it’s quite possible that officials decide to give it one of the other proposed names. But if they do push through with naming the airport after Miku, expect even more Vocaloid fans to flock to Sapporo, where Crypton Future Media Inc headquarters is located.

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Source: Livedoor News


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