One of the reasons that the Kyoto Animation arson was quite tragic was the animation studio’s employees were trapped in the fire. 36 people died because of this, and the arsonist wasn’t feeling any guilt at all for killing them. In response to the people getting trapped, a 15-year old junior high school student from Gifu prefecture named Tatsuki invented detachable metal steel bars. This invention is easy to use and increases fire safety in response to one of Japan’s most tragic modern-day disasters. And it was so good that the invention won silver at the Virtual International Exhibition for Young Inventors 2020.

Right now, windows with metal bars in Japan are glued in place. In case of a fire, this would be quite useless, and may be one of the reasons why so many Kyoto Animation employees failed to escape. Unfortunately, Japanese building standards and Japanese fire safety codes find these bars acceptable.

As for these detachable bars, they have an orange tab which users can pull in order to make their escape. In a statement, the teenage inventor said “There are times when a person trying to escape from a window they are prevented from doing so by the security grating… This made me wonder ‘Why is a security barrier, which is supposed to protect lives, actually taking away lives?'”

Currently, a Japanese company is working with Tatsuki to manufacture these types of windows. Unfortunately, there’s still no timeframe for their release.

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Source: Crunchyroll via Tokai TV


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