In January 7, 2011, Shaft and infamous anime writer Gen “Urobutcher” Urobuchi launched a magical girl anime. That magical girl anime would later change the landscape of the industry, and its title was Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Now, as the series celebrates its 10th anniversary, the anime’s Twitter Page has announced that the series is having a special 10th Anniversary Project. They even launched an official website with a new visual from original character designer Ume Aoki:

The website currently features messages from the original staff behind the anime, including Urobutcher himself, director Akiyuki Shinbo, and character designer Ume Aoki. Guest illustrators and several mangaka will also be taking part in the project, as they will be releasing special illustrations via the website beginning January 14, 2021. It also promises to reveal more details about the project in the days to come.

The anime follows a group of girls who become Magical Girls to fight witches who destroy the lives of people. The creature who turns ordinary girls into magical girls is Kyubey, and it grants the girls’ wishes once they agree to battle witches. Unfortunately, it seems that having your wish granted also comes with a terrible price…

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Source: Madoka Magica Twitter Page


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