P.A. Works is back with a new anime it seems, and it’s another origina series. They revealed a new series, and its title will be Aquatrope of White Sand. It will premiere in July 2021, and they even released an announcement PV for this new upcoming anime:

The famous anime studio’s own official English Twitter Page stated that it will be “An original story based set place in a small aquarium in Okinawa.” They also released the new series’ first key visual as well:

The English Twitter Page also announced some of the staff working on this new original series, and it includes:

  • Director: Toshiya Shinohara
  • Series Composition: Yuko Kakihara
  • Original Character Design: U35
  • Character Design & Animation Director: Yuki Akiyama

They also revealed the two main characters, as well as their respective seiyuu. Rikako Aida will once again voice an idol character, but this time a failed one named Fuuka Miyazawa.

Meanwhile, Miku Ito will be voicing Kukuru Misakino, who is trying to save the Gamagama Aquarium from closing down.

The staff also released four new teaser images as well:

Expect the staff to reveal more details about this new Original-story anime in the days to come.

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Source: P.A. Works official English Twitter Page


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