Philippine TV network GMA is remaking the classic mecha anime, Voltes V, into the modern era. And during their 24 Oras TV news program, they revealed a brand new teaser for the project. It features several Boazanian disc saucers, as well as one of the armoured beast fighters that Voltes V has to face.

This Philippine Voltes V “Remake” is produced by an all-Filipino staff from Riot Inc. Post Production and GMA Post Production. Toei Animation, which produced the original 70’s mecha anime, is licensing this new series as well. And from the looks of things, this Philippine remake has been mostly received well by the country’s many fans.

New images from the upcoming remake also surfaced on social media:

Voltes V was a classic 70’s mecha anime which was part of Toei Animation and Sunrise’s Robot Romance Trilogy, which also includes Choudenji Robo Combattler V and Toushou Daimos. Although initially banned in the Philippines during former dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s rule, it gained overwhelming notoriety in the country during the 1990’s. The series follows the invasion of planet Earth by the Boazanians and their ‘Beast Fighters”. To combat the threat, Professor Kentaro Go and Earthling scientist rofessor Hamaguchi and Earth International Defense Force commander General Oka design a new weapon to counter the Boazanian invasion. It’s called Voltes V.

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source: GMA News


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