It looks like mangaka Souichirou Yamamoto is getting another anime adaptation under his belt. The Teasing Master Takagi-san mangaka went to Twitter to announce that his Sore Demo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru comedy manga is also getting a TV anime adaptation as well. They also released a new video announcing the anime, as well as revealing its 2022 premiere window.

In his Tweet, Yamamoto also released a new illustration to celebrate the anime adaptation announcement:

The manga follows Shogi club members Ayumu Tanaka and Urushi Yaotome. Urushi, a complete novice, manages to beat Ayumu, who falls in love with her. She notices that he likes her, and she keeps trying to make him confess. Unfortunately, Ayumu has a mean poker face and never slips, placing Urushi in awkward positions.

So far, the staff have not yet revealed any further details as of the moment. But be sure that they will reveal the staff, cast, studio, and exact release date in the days to come.

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Source: Otakumu


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