Looks like we are getting a new all-girl rock moe anime coming soon. Mangaka Aki Hamazi announced via her official Twitter page that her rock manga Bocchi The Rock! is getting a TV anime adaptation. She also released a new illustration to celebrate the new announcement:

The manga’s Vol. 3 tankoubon release, set to hit shelves on February 25, 2021, will include the TV anime announcement as well. Meanwhile, Manga Time Kirara also released a teaser visual announcing the anime via Twitter:

The manga follows Hitori “Bocchi-chan” Goto, who loves playing the guitar. She usually only plays at home. However, one day, she gets to join the band “Kessoku”. Now, the shy guitarist who only plays at home, alone, must play with others, as well as in front of other people. So yeah, instead of an airhead like Yui, we have a shy girl heading up the band.

So far, the staff have not revealed any further details yet. But do expect them to have more announcements about the anime very soon.

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source: Manga Time Kirara Official Twitter Page


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