The 2011 Hunter x Hunter reboot is still one of the most popular anime today, despite not having any new episodes… or the manga’s infamous hiatuses. However, it seems that two of the anime’s lead seiyuu are teasing a comeback.

Mariya Ise, who voices Killua in the 2011 anime, tweeted that she was recording dialogue for a certain project and was happy to meet her “partner”. One day later, Megumi Han posted on Instagram that she is recording something for “That Project”, and that she was recording alongside her “partner”. Now who could their respective partners be? I wonder…

Of course, Gon Freecs remains as Megumi Han’s star-making role. And of course, Gon’s partner is Killua. While both seiyuu never mentioned what “That project” is, fans are actively speculating that it really is Hunter x Hunter. Nothing is confirmed yet, but fans are now bracing themselves. Now, if only a certain mangaka wouldn’t be going into long hiatuses every now and then…

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Source: Megumi Han’s Instagram Page, Mariya Ise’s Twitter Page


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