Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is considered the “Grandfather of Isekai,” inspiring many of the tropes seen in today’s isekai titles. And this season, it finally received a much-needed anime adaptation, which is getting plenty of love, both in Japan and overseas. Unfortunately, the anime isn’t getting much love in China. The series got review-bombed in Chinese reviews, with Chinese influencer LexBurner leading the charge in criticizing the anime. And now, Chinese streaming service bilibili has halted the streaming of the anime for the country. However, they said this was due to a “technical failure”.

The series has some mixed reactions in China itself. While some fans, like the rest of the world, really love the series, a lot of others have criticized it for being “inappropriate” for younger audiences. A lot of the hate has been attributed to LexBurner’s comments, which stated that fans of the anime are societal bottom feeders. The Chinese influencer has a lot of clout in his homeland, with many being swayed by his comments.

Mushoku Tensei author Rifujin na Magonote would reply to his actions, stating that while LexBurner is free to express his opinions, he is disappointed at how he insulted the fans. He commented that the anime is not just for successful people, and he hopes that those who can enjoy it will enjoy it. He also acknowledged the influencer’s online presence and following, stating that “That’s just how it is sometimes,” and there are also people like that in Japan, even if they aren’t as popular.

Bilibili would then sue LexBurner, stating that the influencer broke his contract with the company due to his recent comments. The Chinese influencer would also issue an apology due to his actions.

Muse Asia is currently streaming the anime online. Here’s how they describe its story:

“I’m gonna go all out in this isekai!” A 34-year-old virgin, jobless, shut-in and NEET, male. On the day of his parents’ funeral, he was kicked out of the house, and then immediately got run over by a truck and lost his life. To his surprise, when he woke up, he was reincarnated as a baby in an isekai of swords and magic. The man who once lived his life like a scum, has now become a boy named Rudeus, and swears that he’ll give his best effort into life in this isekai! Awaiting Rudeus is a loli magician, a pretty girl with elf ears who uses “Boku” to refer to herself, a violent tsundere Ojou-sama, and his encounters with all sorts of other people. Moreover, he’ll be fighting during his harsh adventures. His new life is getting started! A fantasy story of “restarting life”, now begins!

You can watch the anime’s current episodes here:

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