The final season of Attack on Titan is certainly one of the most talked about anime right now. The new revelations regarding the titans, as well as the mysteries surrounding Paradis Island are  certainly intriguing to say the least. And when Attack on Titan fans found out that there is actually a resort island in Laguna, Philippines called Paradis Island, fans bombarded their Facebook page with questions regarding titans, Eren, the Founding Titan, and many other titan-related questions.

Fortunately, the Paradis  Island social media team were pretty game. In a Facebook post, they denied any involvement with Eren, the Founding Titan, the Warhammer Titan, or titans in general. They said that they are just an innocent island resort in Lake Lumot, Laguna. However, they did invite Attack on Titan fans to visit the island itself and enjoy themselves on a vacation. They also did promise that there will be no titans appearing anywhere in the island itself.

Attack on Titan also bombarded the resort’s Facebook page with comments saying “SASAGEYO!”. And not only that, fans actually visited the areas near Paradis Island and shouted “SASAGEYO!” This prompted the island to ask visitors to be respectful and not make too much noise while in the lake. However, they also said that if they ever book a stay at the island, they can do whatever they want, including doing the Titan Run and shout “SASAGEYO!”. Of course, the word has a very strong connection to Attack on Titan, with Eren uttering the word multiple times. “Sasageyo” comes from the word “sasagu/sasageru” means “to devote or to dedicate”. It is also part of the second season’s OP title, “Shinzou wo Sasageyo!”

Paradis Island’s Facebook page describes the island as:

Paradis Island is an eco-friendly private island for rent with villas and glamping tents found near Lake Lumot in Cavinti, Laguna. It is a natural paradise consisting of hammocks, tree hut, bohemian garden, and a floating cabana.

The final season of Attack on Titan is now airing.

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Source: Paradis Island Facebook Page


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