Japan’s Weekly Playboy magazine has tied in with the release of One Piece’s 1,000th chapter. And for their latest issue, No. 10, they are featuring One Piece cosplayers. In fact, that very issue features fashion model Miyuu “Michopa” Ikeda cosplaying as none other than Nami!

And Michopa ain’t just cosplaying Nami in this issue, but also Chopper! The One Piece cosplay gravure shoot also features other notable Japanese personalities cosplaying as One Piece characters. These include Japan’s #1 cosplayer herself, Enako, as well as TV personality Rena Sumi, actress Asuka Kawazu, and gravure idols Ayako Inokuchi and Toumi. All of these cosplayers are also huge fans of the franchise.

The same issue will also feature other celebrities talking about their love for One Piece. These include novelist Fuminori Nakamura, actor Einosuke Ichikawa, and many more. The issue itself is now out in Japan, hitting the shelves earlier this week.

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