Pokemon is celebrating its 25th anniversary very soon. And with Pokemon Day coming up, the Pokemon Company has revealed what is in store for fans on February 27, 2021. That’s right folks, they are planning to host a virtual concert… with Post Malone.

The concert will feature the rapper into a CG character in the Pokemon art style. It will stream via the official Pokemon website on February 27th at 7:00pm Eastern Time in the United States. Malone himself, who grew up playing the Pokemon games, has plenty of Pokemon references in the video. These include his three rings, which symbolize the first three games in the Pokemon franchise. A Vending machine in the background also sports the original Red/Blue/Green games’ text style as well.  And yes, he is also holding a Pokeball.

The Pokemon franchise is also teaming up with several artistes for its 25th anniversary called “P25 Music”. So far, they have revealed that Katy Perry will be involved. The music megastar, like Malone, is also a huge Pokemon fan, saying that Pikachu is her favourite Pokemon of all.

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Source: Pokemon Official YouTube Channel


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