For years now, a group of skiers and snowboarders in Japan known as the GP Team have been holding an annual tradition where they go up the Wing Hills Shiratori resort in Gifu Prefecture while cosplaying as mobile suits and characters from the Gundam franchise. And it looks like COVID-19 hasn’t slowed them down, as the group returned once again this year.

Federation mobile suits such as the RX-78-2 Gundam and the GM, as well as Zeon mobile suits like the Dom and Zaku II, have graced the slopes either skiing or snowboarding. There are even some wearing Federation and Zeon uniforms. There are also some not from the Universal Century, such as the Gundam Exia and a few guys wearing Tekkadan uniforms.

But this year, they seem to have a very special guest coming with them. None other than the voice of Amuro Ray himself, Toru Furuya, went to ski with them!

The legendary Gundam seiyuu even took a video of how good the snowboarding cosplayers were. However, he also admitted that he was the first guy to slip.

The group will be heading to other ski resorts in Japan throughout the winter season, and they will still be wearing their Gundam costumes while doing so.

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Source: Nama Gundam Twitter Page


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