Zombie Land Saga’s mission is to “Save Saga Prefecture”. And now, the zombie idols are about to hit the streets… literally. Saga Prefecture will be releasing 14 manhole covers featuring all seven Franchouchou idols. These covers will appear in six of the prefectures cities, namely  Saga City, Karatsu City, Tosu City, Imari City, Kashima City, and Ureshino City.

Each manhole cover features the idol with a specialty of that certain city they are appearing in. These include famous places, festivals, and even food. The prefecture itself will install them starting April 22, 2021. Each city will determine when they will unveil their own manhole covers.

Here is a closer look at these covers:

As for the anime itself, a second season titled ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE will be debuting next season. It will premiere on April 2021. As for the first season, fans in Southeast Asia can watch it either via AniPlus Asia or Netflix.

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source: Comic Natalie


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