Attack on Titan is the biggest anime and manga series right now. Pun intended. And as the manga nears its finale, the series aims to get the “Largest comic book published” Guinness World Record. And as they opened the pre-orders last March 6th, the manga’s limited edition 100 copies sold out in just two minutes!

The titanic manga volume has 96 pages, containing the first two chapters of Hajime Isayama’s global hit manga. It measures in at 1.01 metres in height, as well as 0.71 metres in width. And it it’s not light either, as it weighs in at around 13.7 Kg. It’s so heavy that the manga itself has to be stored flat or it will buckle under its own weight.

They only made 100 of these books, and it selling out means that there was demand for the massive manga. And it wasn’t cheap either, as each book came in at a 150,000 yen price tag. It was truly titanic indeed.

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Source: Crunchyroll


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