KOEI Tecmo Games’ Dynasty Warriors games are getting quite a fitting live-action adaptation from China. The Hong Kong company China 3D is producing the project, and the staff have now released a brand new trailer for the movie.

The staff have also announced that the movie will first premiere in Hong Kong on April 29. It will then premiere in mainland China on the next day, April 30, 2021. They originally planned to release the movie back in 2018, but rescheduled it to 2019. And now, the latest release date would be for this year in April.

Roy Chow is directing the movie, with Christine To writing the scripts. It stars Tony Yang as Liu Bei, Geng han as Guan Yu, and Justin Cheung as Zhang Fei. Louis Koo will also be starring in the movie as Lu Bu. The movie itself will be adapting Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors game, which gets its inspiration from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. The game franchise has been known to have revolutionized the hack-and-slash action game genre.

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Source: Enjoy China


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