Despite vaccines finally arriving to countries across the globe, COVID-19 remains a huge health problem. Even Japan is still experiencing problems fighting the pandemic. And now, to help spread awareness, the Japanese government’s Office for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control has announced that they are teaming up with Hatsune Miku and Ensemble Stars! to help spread awareness.

The campaign will feature both franchises in posters around Japan. These posters come with the #KeepSafeFor hashtag to spread awareness about COVID-19 safety guidelines. They also inform the public about five high-risk situations where COVID-19 transmission is highly possible. These include drinking alcohol in social gatherings, long feasts with large groups, conversing with others while not wearing a mask, living together in a small living space, and switching locations.

The posters featuring Miku, as well as the ones for Ensemble Stars! are now released around Japan.

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Source: Office for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control official website


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