Yes folks, the Gundam franchise is getting a live-action series. This new project’s title will be Gundam Build Real, and it will be part of the Gundam Build series. And now, the official Gundam channel has released a new PV for the upcoming live-action project. It announces that the series will premiere on March 29th, as well as tease some GunPla building.


The video features the two kits that are announced to appear in the anime, and they are the RG RX-78-2 Gundam and the RG Zaku II (Char Aznable Custom). However, the video also showed other kits participating in a GunPla Battle as well. Expect the staff to reveal more kits for the series very soon.

Psycho-Pass chief director Katsuyuki Motohiro will be serving as the chief director for the project, with Yuuwa Tanaka as the director. The latter will also be writing the scripts, alongside Naoya Yamauchi. The series will feature real GunPla kits doing battle with one another. The Gundam Channel will be airing the series starting March 29th, though it’s still unclear whether will stream it for other countries, including here in Southeast Asia.

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source: Gundam Channel


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