Since the Kyoto Animation arson fire, Japanese police have been taking threats from fans to companies very seriously. And now, Shinjuku police have arrested 39-year-old Toshiyuki Suga from Matsubushi Town, Saitama Prefecture. He allegedly sent Square Enix (Final Fantasy) 37 death threats via the company’s online game inquiry form.

Suga’s threatening messages include telling the “cheating developers” that he will seriously kill them. Square Enix for their part, cancelled a scheduled live broadcast last November because of these threats. The suspect admitted to the allegations and said he could not win in their games and says that he was feeling both frustrated and emotional.

While the police report never mentioned which Square Enix game he was playing, many have pointed out that the game Suga could not win at was Dragon Quest of the Stars. This was because the cancelled November 2020 event was for that game. The suspect had also admitted that he has already spent around 20,000 yen trying to get an item he wanted in a certain game. And while he did not confirm whether it is Dragon Quest of the Stars, he may have already confirmed that it was indeed a gacha game by Square Enix.

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Source: All-Nippon News, Nikkan Sports


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