When a beloved idol graduates, many of their fans actually grieve. There are even fans who become depressed due to sadness, as if a close family member has died. Unfortunately, most companies in Japan won’t grant grieving fans paid leave for this. Well… most companies anyway.

Copywriting company Hiroro, inc. president Itaru Tsurumi recently grabbed a ton of attention in Japanese twitter. The company executive declared that his company will now be offering paid leave for idol fans whenever their favourite idol graduates or gets married.

However, their paid leave for an idol graduating does have some guidelines, as Tsurumi posted in the tweet above. These guidelines include:

  • If your idol is holding a concert or live event, you may take the day off or leave early as long as it is arranged a week beforehand. Only in the case of a guerilla event or unannounced event are you allowed to leave work early on the day.
  • You may take full paid leave for up to 10 days if your favorite idol graduates. You may take three days if it’s your second-favorite idol or otherwise an idol who is not necessarily your number one.
  • You may take full paid leave for up to 10 days if your favorite idol gets married.
  • Depending on the amount of mental damage, it is possible to negotiate for extra days.

But even with those guidelines, Tsurumi is still a far more generous boss than most.

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Source: ANN


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