Anime hiring official cosplayers has been going on for years now. And now, the latest to employ this tactic is the upcoming harem anime, Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. The anime has revealed its “official 2.5D cast”, which comprises of cosplayers as each of the anime’s female leads.

Not much is still known about how they will portray the anime’s characters. However, the staff have now revealed which cosplayers are on board and who they will portray. The  “official 2.5D cast” includes:

Ashu Nekota as Atena Saotome

Ashu Nairu as Mineru Wachi

Kururu Kurasaka as Kiriya Senshou

Kurasaka Fleia as Fray

Yuki Yomichi as Serene Hozumi

Akira Itsuki as Sutea Kouroya

The staff will reveal more details about the anime during the AnimeJapan 2021 event, which will also feature all six cosplayers. Seiyuu Misuzu Yamada and Ayaka Nanase will also be appearing in the event.

As for the anime itself, it will follow a 12-year old homeless boy named Koushi Nagumo. One day, a college student named Atena picks him up off the streets and asked him to be their local dorm’s matron.

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