Hit mobile RPG, WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, is finally celebrating its first anniversary. And to celebrate, developer gumi Inc., in partnership with publisher SQUARE ENIX, has announced that they are collaborating with Final Fantasy X. This new collaboration event will feature different quests and rewards themed on the beloved game. As part of a limited time promotion, players can also collect the fan favorite protagonist, Tidus, and add them to their party by simply logging into the game now through May 4.

It ain’t a Final Fantasy X collaboration without Tidus, right? So all players who login during the campaign, now until May 4, will receive the time-limited unit UR Tidus. He can perform the Limit Burst “Blitz Ace,” which deals 4-Hit large damage to his target. Players can upgrade their Tidus by completing the “Tidus Release Celebration Training Challenge Missions,” available until the end of the campaign.

Players can attempt to summon two brand-new UR units: Yuna and Auron. Yuna is a versatile unit capable of casting powerful magical attacks as well as recovery spells, and she can perform the LB “Energy Ray.” Auron honors his fame as a highly skilled physical attacker who can also support his comrades. Topped with his mighty LB “Tornado”, Auron can play a decisive role in battle when included in the party.

The collaboration will also introduce new Vision Cards as well. UR “Suteki Da Ne” and MR “A Place Unknown.” They will be available to summon only during the collaboration period, and both have useful abilities to aid players in a variety of situations. In addition, Players can attempt the Challenge Missions and take on the Event Quests and EX-Quests to obtain materials needed to awaken and enhance their FINAL FANTASY X characters and weapons.

First Anniversary themed content available in-game now includes:

  • First Anniversary Part I Login Bonus – Starting today until March 30, players can earn up to 2,500 Visiore, First Anniversary Celebration Summon Tickets, Rainbow Vision Spheres, a Rainbow Fragment of Thought and more by logging in daily.
  • First Anniversary Vision Card Presents – All players will receive the brand-new Vision Card MR “A Year’s Journey” and 220 shards to enhance it.

    • First Anniversary Present – Players will receive 2,000 Visiore as a free gift by logging during the First Anniversary campaign until April 20.
    • First Anniversary Summons – Various limited-time summons are available for players during the First Anniversary campaign, including:
      • First Anniversary - Daily UR Guaranteed FREE 10x Summon – Players can perform one free 10x summon daily from this banner, now until April 2, for a total of 100 summons.
      • First Anniversary - 5 UR Units Guaranteed 10x Summon
      • First Anniversary - 5 UR Vision Cards Guaranteed 10x Summon

    This past weekend, fans from around the world gathered virtually to participate in the WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS First Anniversary Livestream event. There, developers announced several upcoming game updates and new features. To watch a reply of the First Anniversary Livestream and see announcements as they happened, visit: https://sqex.to/NOmGR.

    Key announcements shared during the livestream include:

    • EX Jobs – By fulfilling certain unlock conditions and gathering the necessary items, players can unlock EX Jobs, accessing certain characters’ full potential of abilities and stats. Currently, players are able to unlock EX Jobs for Robb Hourne (UR), Oelde Leonis (UR), Sterne Leonis (UR), Oldoa (UR), Mont Leonis (MR), Baelo (SR), Learte (R), Yuna (UR) and Tidus (UR).
    • Mastery – This new feature will enable the acquisition of buffs for certain groups of units, which will be useful to help players turn the tides of battle.
    • 3-Star Espers – Players can now use Awakening Sourcestones to awaken their Espers to 3-star.
    • Livestream Gifts – All players will be treated to a myriad of amazing rewards such as one billion Gil, 40 Rainbow Fragments of Thought, 2,880 Orbs of Envisionment, 500 Growth Eggs (MR), and much more, as celebratory rewards from the First Anniversary Livestream.

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