It’s a new season, yes it is! And that means new anime as well. Now, ANIPLUS Asia has revealed their full line-up of the season, including the new titles coming in. The anime cable channel has also revealed when they will simulcast these new anime titles as well. Check it out:

Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-

Premieres 03 April, SAT 24:00 [GMT +8]

New Episodes on SATs 24:00 [GMT +8]

Encores Every SUNs 20:30 [GMT +8]

*Episode 1 & 2 will air back-to-back on 3 April.


NiaLand is an A.I. theme park that blends dreams with hope and science. Vivy was created as the world’s first autonomous humanoid A.I. to work as a cast member in the theme park. She gets on stage every day to sing, but she is not very popular.

“I want my singing to bring happiness to everyone.”

Vivy continues singing in hopes of one day achieving her goal of performing on the theme park’s main stage.

One day, an A.I. who calls himself Matsumoto appears before her. Matsumoto claims to be an A.I. from one hundred years into the future, and that his mission is to rewrite history with Vivy, in order to stop a war between A.I. and humans that would happen a century later.

How will the encounter between these two A.I.s with such different missions change the course of the future?

This is a story of I(Vivy) destroying I(A.I.)…

The one-hundred-year journey of an A.I. songstress named Vivy starts now.


Premieres 03 April, SAT 18:00 [GMT +8]

New Episodes on SATs 18:00 [GMT +8]

Encores Every SUN 17:00 [GMT +8]

Streaming URL:


Third-year middle school student Yu-yu Kondo lives in Kanazawa city of the country of Kaga.

Yu-yu has the ability to read the heart of others and is troubled by the fact that he is unable to reject requests. Often getting caught up in his sister’s hobbies, Yu-yu could no longer take it and runs away from home. He is saved by Megumi Okura, who then invites him to a night amusement park called “Wonder Hill”, where her friends gather.

At the amusement park, Yu-yu meets Megumi, along with Zakusa Ishigame and Tomari Seto—members of “Team Blackout” who gather to play Vanguard every night.

Tonight, a serious fight with their team flag on the line will be held. Blackout’s Leader, Danji Momoyama, will fight against the mysterious powerhouse fighter, Tohya Ebata. The cardfight gradually transforms into a scene on Planet Cray before Yu-yu’s eyes.

This is how Yu-yu encounters Vanguard, and is drawn in by the appeal of the world and friends he has never seen before.

Kingdom (Season 3)

Premieres 05 April, MON 03:00 [GMT +8]

New Episodes on MONs 03:00 [GMT +8]

Encores Every MONs 18:00 [GMT +8]


A nameless boy and a young king have grown up in a nation plagued by war. The boy, Xin, has countlessly proven himself on the battlefield, and although initially starting on bad terms, he and the young king, Zheng, have become comrades. Zheng wishes to bring all the warring states under Qin, while Xin climbs the ranks to become a Great General. Both of their ambitions will change history forever.

The third season is set after the successful Shanyang campaign, as varying sides continue to suffer in the face of war.

The Qin army is a step closer to unifying China. Meanwhile, Li Mu of Zhao takes advantage of the temporary truce with Qin to negotiate with the other states. Realizing it too late, Qin finds the armies from the 6 states at its doorstep…

Kingdom (Season 3)CESTVS -The Roman Fighter-

Premieres 15 April, THURs 01:30 [GMT +8]

New Episodes on THURs 01:30 [GMT +8]

Encores on THURs 18:00 [GMT +8]


54 AD, the Roman Empire. Cestvs, a young slave who was placed in a school for boxers takes on his very first match, where he is matched against a good friend of his. Despite some hesitation, he wins the fight as the loser is killed on the spot.

Tomorrow will not come for those who lose.

“This is no different from murder if my opponent has to die each time I win!”

Clutching onto the sorrow and rage within his fists, Cestvs fights to survive as he faces powerful opponents one after another while the coronation of the Fifth Roman Emperor, Nero, takes place.

With no other chance at freedom other than to keep winning, how will Cestvs seize his future?!

BACK ARROW (continues from last season)

New Episodes Every FRI 24:30 [GMT+8]

Encores every SATs, 20:00 [GMT+8]


Lingalind is a land surrounded by the Wall. The Wall encircles, protects, cultivates, and nurtures the land. The Wall is God—and that, is the root of the land of Lingalind.

One day, a mysterious man named Back Arrow appears in Edger Village which is located at the outskirts of Lingalind. Arrow lost all his memories, but claims to have “come from the outside of the Wall”.

To regain his memories, Arrow sets out to go beyond the wall, but is embroiled in a conflict that revolves around himself.

Now that is a pretty good line-up indeed. For their full anime broadcast schedule, you can head over to ANIPLUS Asia’s official website.

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