Japan has plenty of manga with weird plots. One of them is definitely Eri Sakai’s Kentaro Hiyama’s First Pregnancy manga. It follows a man named Kentaro Hiyama, as he becomes pregnant. And now, it looks like it’s getting a live-action adaptation! Netflix also confirmed that they will begin streaming the show as an exclusive in 2022.

Takumi Saito will play Kentaro Hiyama himself, while Juri Ueno will play his girlfriend, Aki Seto. Yuko Hakota and Takeo Kikuchi will be co-directing the project. Meanwhile, Netflix will begin streaming the live-action series around the world in 2022.

Meanwhile, mangaka Eri Sakai celebrated the live-action announcement with a special illustration on Twitter:

The manga’s story is set in an alternate world where men can become pregnant. It follows Kentaro, an elite salaryman, who becomes pregnant himself. Unfortunately, 10 years after it became possible for men to become pregnant, society seems to still not have accepted it, and he witnesses prejudice against men who get pregnant, as well as those who gave birth. None the less, Hiyamastill decides to get the baby, even if people around him change their opinions of him.

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Source: Eiga.com


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