After making a name for himself on short anime films, Masanao Kawajiri is now making his feature-length film debut. And this movie will be titled “CHERRY AND VIRGIN,” and it will be a romance anime about a 32-year-old ero mangaka and a 28-year-old fujoshi. They also released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming film:

They describe the film as “A nervous romance animation”. It follows Ryo, a mangaka who specializes in ero manga, and Ami, a fujoshi. Both are awkward when it comes to the opposite sex, though they find themselves falling in love with each other.

The anime will feature the rotoscope style of animation, and will be an “experimental” anime. Kawajiri will be filming the actors in live-action, before drawing over them. Takashi Okado will be both playing and voicing Ryo, while Yaeko Kiyose will both be playing and voicing Ami. Here is the movie’s image board, which features its animation style:

Toei Video will be producing the movie, and will release it in 2022.

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