The anime adaptation of Katsumi Enami’s cute and heartwarming isekai light novels, Restaurant to Another World, is returning. Monthly Shounen Ace magazine’s official website has revealed the cover for the June issue, and it confirms that the series is in fact getting a second TV anime season.

Unfortunately, the cover only announced the second season getting the green light. They did not reveal any further details yet, such as cast, staff, and release window. But do expect them to announce more details about the second season in the days to come.

The anime’s first season aired back in Summer 2017. Jinbo Masato directed the series, as well as wrote the scripts over at SILVER LINK. Here is how MYANIMELIST describes its story:

Western Restaurant Nekoya is a popular eatery located on a street corner in a Tokyo shopping district. Serving both traditional Japanese fare as well as Western dishes, this eating establishment is popular among Tokyo’s residents. But this seemingly ordinary restaurant is also popular with another type of clientele…

While the restaurant is thought to be closed on Saturdays, the truth is that on this special day each week, its doors are instead opened to the inhabitants of other worlds. From dragons and elves to fairies and mages, this restaurant has no shortage of strange customers. Nevertheless, the enigmatic chef known only as “Master” will be waiting to serve up their favorite dishes with a kind smile and keep them coming back for many more Saturdays to come.

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Source: Shounen Ace Official Website


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