Attack on Titan may be over, but fans are still talking about Hajime Isayama’s bestselling manga series. The series has certainly inspired many other mangaka. And now, two of those mangaka have released new illustrations that pay tribute to Attack on Titan. One of them is Tokyo Ghoul mangaka Sui Ishida, who tweeted his take on a younger Eren Yaeger:

And Sui Ishida ain’t the only famous mangaka to release a tribute illustration. Reiji Miyajima, the man behind the Rent-A-Girlfriend manga, also tweeted a tribute illustration. However, he did not draw an Attack on Titan character, but released an illustration featuring Chizuru Mizuhara in Survey Corps uniform while doing a salute.

As for the manga, it ended last week with a bang.  Meanwhile, the final tankoubon volume, they will release it on June 9.

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Source: @Miyajimareiji and @sotonami Twitter Pages



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