Usually, bootleg anime merchandise are known for being cheap, and would usually sell for half the price of the original. However, a 45-year-old female office worker from Tokyo recently sold a bootleg Evangelion poster for around 7,900 yen. That is about 97 Singapore Dollars, and it has now landed the woman in legal trouble.

Now, an original anime poster usually costs around 3,000-4,000 yen for A1-sized posters, and A3-sized posters would net around 600 to 2,000 yen. Take note that the woman sold these posters for 7,900 yen, which would double the price of some original posters. When police raided her home in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, they found 52 of these bootleg posters. Many of them featured various Evangelion characters.

It also turns out that the woman’s bootleg posters weren’t duplicates, but a mix of copied official artwork on new backgrounds. Some also seemingly featured fanart, which means that a few artists out there didn’t get paid for the sale of their work. According to the investigators, the suspect bought the posters in bulk online from an “American Artist”, who printed them. She would then resell these posters at a much higher price, and earned around 1.2 million yen since last summer.

The woman would admit to selling the fake Eva posters, and would say that she did it to earn extra spending money. Authorities have now charged the woman for violation of copyright law.

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Source: Sora News 24


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