Japan is currently in a state of emergency, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. However, there are still a few events happening, including outdoor events for the mega idol group, AKB48. And to help stem the tide of people getting themselves infected, they have teamed up with “Virus Buster Water” as a precaution. During events, they sprayed concert-goers with said  “Virus Buster Water” to help disinfect them. They did this during their 15th Anniversary concert in fact.

They actually installed a Virus Buster Water gate at the entrance and promised that it will create a safe environment for fans. The company even admitted to the collaboration with AKB48 to prevent COVID-19 infections. Unfortunately, this raised a few eyebrows in the medical community.

A lot of people in the know pointed out that Sterilization gates do not prevent the spread of viruses. According to several tweets responding to the efforts, COVID-19, like many viruses,, spread by exhaled respiratory particles. It spreads via the air, and such methods like the gate do not stop its spread. They also criticised the management for not consulting with doctors and other medical professionals as such.

They did not hold the concert in Tokyo where a state of emergency is in place. However, they did hold it at the Pia Arena MM in Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture, which isn’t in a full state of emergency. None the less, the concert still received much blowback from a lot of people.

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Source: My Game News Flash


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