Virtual YouTuber agency hololive has a new project called hololive Alternative. And now, their official YouTube channel has released the full promotional video for that new project. It also features Mori Calliope’s theme song for the project titled “Dawn Blue”.

The project itself features an “Alternative World” that features the VTubers from hololive. Meanwhile, it will also be getting a manga on Twitter. It will have an orriginal story that they will set in this “Aleternative World”. For now, they are looking for content creators who want to be a part of the project. Interested parties can now apply via the official hololive website.

Back in January, hololive CEO Motoaki “Yagoo” Tanigo had announced that they were making a new online service featuring hololive performers and their fans. It will be a “metaverse” where their VTubers can appear in live events. Its idea was to create a service where everyone can be a 2D character.

For now though, we would just have to wait for more details about Hololive Alternative.

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Source: hololive Alternative Twitter Page


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