ESports is fast becoming a huge thing around the world, with millions in prizes for the various tournament winners. And now, people in Tokyo finally get to work on their gaming skills as the aptly named ESports Gym opens in the city. It aims to train both amateur and advanced esports players in various competitive games. Hey, they even have professional esports coaches guiding you!

According to their Press Release, ESports Gym will open on May 19, 2021. It has a lounge and gaming PCs outfitted with some of Japan’s most popular games. These include Valorant and League of Legends. However, interested players would still need to apply for membership, which costs around 5,500 yen. They would then be able to book the PC for practice for three hours at around 1,430 yen, and add 2,750 for coaching sessions.

Tokyo Metro and esports education company Gecipe have collaborated for this venture. They aim to welcome both experienced players, as well as beginners to hone their skills and develop Japan’s burgeoning ESports scene.

Oh, and don’t worry, there’s no gym leader you need to beat here…

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Source: ESports Gym official Twitter Page


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