As many of us know by now, being an animator in Japan, working on anime for the big studios, isn’t a glamorous job at all. In fact, it’s quite infamous for having young animators always being overworked and underpaid. And now, a freelance animator called “Mushiyo” has reignited the conversation about working conditions in anime. You see, Mushiyo worked for MAPPA previously, and even worked on the final season of Attack on Titan. However, in some recent tweets, he revealed why he left the studio and also described the working conditions there.

Mushiyo talked about his experience with the studio on Twitter. Unfortunately, he has locked his account so his tweets about the company are now private. However, he has said in those tweets that he has now questioned his decision to work for them in the first place. The former MAPPA animator even stating that they have asked him to fix drawings over and over again until the sun came up. This was why he decided to quit the studio. The animator also claimed that the studio did not train their teams properly, so that the corrections he had to do would be necessary. He also criticized MAPPA’s decision to work on four anime at the same time, and that would include Attack on Titan. Mushiyo would then describe the work environment to be like that of the factory, with some of the more lower-paid animators just working on corrections instead of actually drawing.

The animator also claimed that around 80% of the studio’s employees have similar complaints. And as it seems, he was the only one to voice them out as he has already left the place.

Animation studios in Japan are infamous for being slave drivers. In fact, one man from A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online) even committed suicide due to overwork. A production assistant also sued Madhouse for overworking him and won that lawsuit. Madhouse did treat him better afterwards, but the studio’s mistreatment of animators still goes on apparently. Even mangaka who had their works adapted into anime do not usually get paid. The most famous example might just be The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.’s Shuuichi Asou… who finally got paid after he went public with the ordeal.

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