Ghibli has had a long partnership with Disney. However, a cryptic tweet from Ghibli’s own official Twitter page has certainly got fans talking. The tweet featured the classic rainy day scene with Totoro waiting for the Catbus. However, instead of it featuring Mei and Satsuki, it features Michael “Mike” Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan from Disney and Pixar’s Monsters Inc.

The tweet came with no text, so it certainly raised a ton of speculation among the fans. Many of whom suggested that they may be teasing a collaboration between the two award-winning animation studios. Meanwhile, others just speculated that this is just Ghibli throwing in some love for Pixar and Disney with a fanart. Here’s a better look at the image:

Previously, Disney and Pixar featured Totoro in Toy Story 3. It is a shout out to the fact that John Lasseter, its director, is a huge Ghibli fan.

So, what do you guys think this tweet meant? Is it a teaser for an upcoming collaboration? Or is it just Ghibli giving some love back to Disney? Well, it would seem that the artwork itself can be found within Ghibli premises. They even showed it in a tweet featuring a figure of Earwig from Earwig and the Witch:

However, with the tweet being presented with no given caption, it has not stopped fans from all over the world from speculating if there is something new between the two studios currently in the works. For now though, fans can only do just that. Speculate.

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