Gundam fans, get ready for a shot of nostalgia, as’s YouTube channel has now released GUNDAM WING HD REMASTER online. And like all of the channel’s releases, you can watch it for free! They have released all 49 episodes, so you can binge watch it too! Here is the playlist of all the episodes of the HD Remastered anime:

In addition, has released the official Gundam Wing comicbook online via the Tamashii Nations website. And much like the release of the anime via YouTube, it’s also free. Mark Simmons provided the art, while Katsuyuki Samazawa provided the story. It credited Hajime Yatate and Yoshiyuki Tomino for its original story.

They originally released the anime in 1995. It would then become one of the first Gundam series that they would release in the west, becoming the most iconic Gundam title in North America. To this day, Gundam Wing remains one of the most iconic titles in the Gundam franchise around the world.

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