Infamous and controversial religious organization, Happy Science, the most infamous Japanese cult out there, has its own animation studio. It’s called HS Pictures Studio, and they have now released a trailer for their upcoming anime movie, The Laws of the Universe: Elohim Chapter.

This will be the second movie in “The Laws of the Universe” 3-part anime movie series. And as revealed in the trailer, it will open in Japan this autumn 2021. The studio ran by the religious organization which recently handed out spiritual “vaccines,” which they claim can cure COVID-19, also released a new key visual for the anime movie:

Happy Science priestess and former live-action Tokyo Ghoul actress Yoshiko Sengen (formerly known as Fumika Shimizu) will voice the Space Hero Yaizel. And it looks like they’ve hired a pretty big voice cast too, as it will also include other notable seiyuu like Sayaka Ohara, Satomi Arai, Hirohiko Kakegawa, Hiroki Takahashi, Jun Kasama, Ryotaro Okiayu, Taku Yashiro, Ayumu Murase, Miki Itou, and Banjou Ginga.Meanwhile, Isamu Imakake will serve as chief character designer, chief animation director, and director for the anime movie. They also credited Happy Science founder Ryuho Okawa for the original work, as well as chief production supervisor.

The Laws of the Universe: Elohim Chapter will serve as the second movie in the trilogy, which serves to promote the religious organization. The first movie. The Laws of the Universe: Part 1 opened in Japan in October 2018. It would also receive an international release, taking part at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles that same month.

Happy Science is infamous in Japan for having celebrity members, as well as its own coercive recruitment tactics. They also denied the existence of Japanese war crimes committed during World War II, such as the Nanking Massacre and taking comfort women from the countries Japan conquered like the Philippines, Burma, and Singapore.

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