One Piece has recently asked fans around the world on who their favourite character in the series is. And now, the results are finally in, and the fans have spoken! The staff have finally revealed the Top 100 from the poll, and here are the results:


Top 20:

As expected, the whole world voted main protagonist Monkey D. Luffy as the most popular One Piece character. Zoro followed in at #2, with Nami taking third place, and Sanji and Trafalgar respectively taking 4th and 5th place. Meanwhile, Nico, Hancock, Carrot, Ace, and Sabo round out the Top 10.

Arounbd 12 million fans voted in the official poll, which featured 1,174 characters from the franchise. They even broke down the poll by territory, though it seems that Luffy didn’t win them all. While he took Asia, North America, and Japan, Nami took Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe, while Zoro took the Middle East and Africa. Really shows how popular One Piece is around the world, huh?

So, who did you vote for?

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Source: One Piece 100 Official Website


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