VTubers are everywhere nowadays, with companies employing their own Virtual YouTubers to add to the growing list of them. While some are from agencies like Hololive, others are anime and video game characters doing virtual YouTube shows. And now, Netflix is getting in on the action with their own official VTuber! Her name is N-ko Mei Kurono. She describes herself as a “sheep-human lifeform born in California,” and she’s bilingual too!

She serves as the Netflix Anime Club manager, and she also loves anime. Who would have thought, right? She’s also getting her own weekly YouTube show titled “The N-ko Show”. It will premiere on April 30 at 10:00 am Japan time. There, she will reveal more details about upcoming Netflix shows, mostly anime.

And she’s also planning not just to talk about upcoming Netflix anime, but also do what other VTubers do! These include singing, streaming video games, and she is also promising to collaborate with other VTubers! Unfortunately, she did not reveal which VTubers she will be working with.

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Source: Netflix Anime YouTube channel


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