Several anime have shown Russia in a positive light. In fact, some seiyuu and anime industry personalities consider themselves Russo-philes. Unfortunately, despite having lots of anime fans within their country, Russia has banned a lot of anime. Of course, the most infamous of them is Death Note. And now, the Russian government is banning even more anime! This time, they are banning series which feature the concept of reincarnation. Of course, many of them are isekai.

According to the United Press Service of the Courts of St. Petersburg, among the anime they are banning include Mushoku Tensei, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, and KonoSuba. They are also banning Zombie Land Saga, which also has themes relating to reincarnation. However, they are also banning several anime for sexual overtones as well, including Nekopara and Princess Lover. They are also banning Crunchyroll for breaking Russian laws.

The Krasnogvardeisky District Court of St. Petersburg issued the ruling after a prosecutor argued that these titles violated article 242 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation. They argued that these titles contain scenes which may be harmful to children.

Previously, the Russian government also banned other anime with violent themes. These include Elfen Lied, Naruto, Interspecies Reviewers, and many more.

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Source: United Press Service of the Courts of St. Petersburg


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