Russia may be an ultra-conservative country that bans certain anime, but their cosplay scene is still pretty huge. And during the final of their pro football tournament, one of the winning team’s star players surprised everyone… by cosplaying as Marvel’s Deadpool!

FC Zenit won the Russian title last May 3rd. And during the awarding ceremony, its star striker, Artem Dzyuba, who also serves as the Captain of the Russian National Team, went out as the Merc with a Mouth, The Regenerating Degenerate, Spider-Man’s BFF himself, Deadpool! This would be FC Zenit’s third title in a row, and it looks like Dzyuba wanted to make it extra special indeed!

During the interview, the star footballer said  “I’ve had this costume for ages. It’s our third title in a row so I can allow myself the chance to wear it. I have long wanted to wear it, but during the second championship I did not dare, and during the first there was no time for that.”

However, it looks like he was a bit uncomfortable with the costume. “I’ll take it off as soon as I get to the locker room,” he then added. “It’s hot, I almost suffocated in it.”

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Source: Kotaku


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